Where The Night Has Eyes

to Pop-Up a Mystery School in a time of Unravelling

with a Palette of offerings for

gathering together and weaving in the dark

29 November - 15 December, 2019


Dunbar, East Lothian

Isle of Iona, Argyll and Bute


Guide: Wendy Robertson Fyfe

 Are you longing for authenticity and truth both within yourself and in this current culture. Are you longing to be in touch with your passion and purpose again, or more deeply; for a way of living that will bear gifts for humans with Earth Community. If so, here's a few tricks and treats as we cross the threshold into Mystery's dark ways. Here's a place to come and participate in a deeper conversation that gets to the roots of it all; to listen to and remember the inner true news from the source, from the ground up; to return with clearer eyes, refreshed bodies, and new insights for direction in our current ecological crisis time. If this speaks to you, read on.....

Here are weavings between Nature and Psyche who will invite you deeper into your Journey to Soul in this dark descent where the Ancient, Present, and Future Ones meet in Service of what needs to become....you might even say, a different kind of Election. Weave on..... offerings, poetry, images, why would you want to make such a journey, why with Wendy, and how to make contact for further information and booking.



1. Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

a.  A Basket of Crafts for Deepening with Soul - Friday 29 Nov - Monday 2 Dec

see website homepage for information on programme


b.  Personal Weaving Soul Mentoring Through Tuesday 3 Dec - Thursday 5 Dec  
Deepening your own journey tailored through Soul Mentoring or/and specific day or solo experiences - £75 a day.


c. If it is not possible to travel to Dunbar physically, you can arrange to Zoom in and book Soul Mentoring to deepen your unravelling towards Midwinter Solstice - cost by arrangement




2. Iona Hostel, Isle of Iona, Scotland 
a. A Basket of Crafts for Deepening with Soul - Friday 6 Dec - Monday 9 Dec

see previous page for information on programme


b.  Soul Dreaming - Thursday 12 Dec - Sunday 15 Dec 

see previous page for information on programme


c. Personal Weaving Soul Mentoring Through Monday 9 - 12 Dec
Deepening your own journey tailored through Soul Mentoring or/and specific day or solo experiences deepening wild conversations.

£95 daily excluding accommodation, contact me for accommodation costs.


d. if it is not possible to travel to Iona physically, you can arrange to Zoom in and book Soul Mentoring to deepen your unravelling towards Midwinter Solstice whilst l am in wild Atlantic Iona.
A Palette of prices is on offer depending on your colours.

Contact Wendy via email or phone to discuss your mix~

Please contact Wendy to arrange your own palette of offerings and costs.

Food arrangements will be made nearer the time

With wild Earth song and dance blessings~

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Wendy, Cape and rock.jpg


~Wendy is passionate about this unique time we are participating in, what Joanna Macy calls 'The Great Turning'.

~She is following her unique path since a surprising encounter in the Arrochar Alps, Scotland in early 1990 which changed her direction and focus asking for her return to Scotland. 

~Since then Wendy has been devoted to creating ways of inviting people into remembering conversations with an animate, intelligent and en-souled Earth and Earth Community; to trust the ways we are shaped by and live from such experiences on the Journey to Soul. 


~experience that humans are not alone in working with the current ecological revolution; that all the voices of the others are offering themselves in this conversation when we listen. I believe humans are not going to go far without listening to the voices of the others. This Pop-Up Mystery School is another way of deeply engaging in and contributing to our current tasks and dilemmas. 

~experience ways of crossing between Nature and Psyche through wanderings on the land, dreams, poetry, art, conversation and more.

~experience a remembering, or deepening of remembering, of our greater human conversation with each other and Earth Community: birds, waves, sounds, otters, rocks, clouds, rain, air and more.

~experience ways that these ones are in specific conversation with each of us, longing for us to bring our unique soul/eco-niche, the place we were born to indwell and live where everything is experienced as it is, intimately entwined in one and at the same time unique, all in an alluring dance of offerings. 

~experience the old ways of who we are, what Thomas Berry called 'Earth's Dreaming'; a shift from being human-centred to Earth-centred thus changing our ways and focus into the world of ie politics, education, economics, religion. This way is also gathering pace right now and needs our urgent attention. Here is an opportunity for offering such attention to what/who is our unique contribution at this time. We cannot figure it out, only surrender. Time for a different conversation.

~experience participating in the re-enchantment of the Earth, and of humankind as integral to her authentic nature and our own.

~experience a palette of practices that can enable, open and support continuing the journey: through Council, Dreamwork, Deep Imagination, Crossing between the species, Sacred Rhythm, Shadow, Art, Poetry and more.


Iona hostel_edited.jpg

  Iona Hostel in December




~"i really appreciate the clarity of your perceptions, your firm but delicate pushing and pulling of edges, your love, passion and resonant tuning of words and poems." 

~"Wendy is a diligent, focused and supportive guide." 

~" I know the value of challenge / discomfort and how that impacts my inner process.  I accepted the invitation and it did lead to experiences and reflections that I might not have otherwise gone towards." 

~ "Wendy’s holding of the group was grounded, solid, compassionate, steady, caring and real. Making the experience possible." 

~"Thank you for helping me spin the thread of my soul story time and again."

~"for your earthy wisdom and gnomic humour".


Wendy, Cape, face in the woods_edited.jp


~Wendy is a Renaissance Woman and lover of all things Earth and Holy: a nature-based soul and wilderness guide, poet, published writer, teacher, speaker, photographer, and International programme producer, psychosynthesis psychotherapist (prev Perinatal Service) and cultural historian (prev University of Birmingham & Open University in Scotland).

~She created ‘The Walk’ in East Lothian 2001 which was filmed by BBC Scotland. Wendy founded ‘Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus’ 1 April, 2018: to create a human wave of song around Earth as a way to participate in/awaken humanity's endeavour.

~She published a book of poetry and photography entitled "Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth Wisdom" as part of an exhibition at Dunbar Town House and Art Gallery in 2018.

~More recently she has been/is offering interviews and workshops with On-Line Events who are creating a library of Continuing Professional Development subject for human development pratcitioners: www.onlinevents.co.uk .

~Wendy is currently involved in co-creating 'The Centre: Rewilding and Soulcentric Development' in Scotland.

She is completing an extensive Apprenticeship with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado.

~Wendy currently lives in Dunbar, Scotland. www.wendyrobertsonfyfe.co.uk   

Contact Wendy for enquiries and booking : info@wendyrobertsonfyfe.co.uk or below
Tel: +44 (0)7748 175 961
 Places currently still available.
portraits by Ali Cleary
images by Wendy Robertson Fyfe 
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