• Wendy Robertson Fyfe

A Pilgrimage; Listening To The Voices Of The Winds, Part 5 of 6. The Wild Winds of Wild Mind™

So why is it that the current dominator, colonial western industrial growth societies are not listening to the stalled nature-based human development that Bill Plotkin speaks of, or original debt and hungry ghosts as a problem that Martin Prechtel speaks to, as we are continuing to walk off the edge of a cliff, as it were. Again, l believe Bill Plotkin has something for us here which also resonates with my own experience as well as many other people l have worked and work with. It may resonate with you too. I’m going to draw upon his book and maps within Wild Mind; A Field Guide to The Human Psyche. Given space here, l’m just going to offer wee bite sizes to aspects you might be tempted to explore yourself in this rich feast of a book, or in mentoring. It will be a different kind of read since it invites your heart-centred thinking and full-bodied tracking in a different kind of inner muscle moving active way if you are not familiar with this work as a way of realignment. The maps are offered as a way of noticing and wondering about patterns and connections rather than 'truth' or 'the territory' itself. The maps continue to evolve.

First, Plotkin brings our attention to astounding resources of our human psyches drawing out where currently untapped. This is not in the sense of another kind of extraction, but rather of a deep root living well of remembering with and amongst the depths and potentials of gifts, jewels, and powers of Earth. Here resource is reciprocal relating. The resources are nature-based in the way we humans are part of nature; Earth walking, breathing, listening, singing and more. Through many years research and mapping an outer and inner circle, Plotkin and colleagues note the ways the four cardinal directions relate with innate human wholeness which he calls the four facets of the Self: The North, Nurturing Generative Adult; The East, Innocent/Sage; The South, Wild Indigenous One; The West, Muse/Beloved. The priority here is to cultivate further and embody these four facets of wholeness, the outer circle, as our nature-based birth-right inheritance we are out of alignment with.

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