Love Notes to The Holy

First Footing

in New Year New Moon

Step into a deep diving

Nature-Based Intensive

Enter into each others' homes via

Zoom Portal and Wanders


Sunday 2 January, 2022

3pm – 8pm UK time 

(please check for your world clock local time)

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground,

a thousand ways to go home again.


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How to tend, surrender, an open heart with praise, prayer, gratitude and grief when the Earth and Earth Community is unravelling. Iona Heart

   About the Offering

In Scotland/Alba a tradition of ‘First Footing’ has grown over such a long, long time ago that we would need to dive into deep roots to meet the ‘since’. We may trace one root back to the late 17C during Protestant Reformation when the Kirk banned Christmas as a Popish or Catholic feast. Here, Christmas was a working day so festivities shifted to the New Year. Alba/Scotland still has two days Holiday at this time.


The old tradition involves beginning a New Year meeting in each other’s open door homes carrying blessings. The first to step over the threshold being the most significant hence ‘First Footing’. The blessings are a selection of gifts: a coin for prosperity; shortbread/black bun for sustenance; a piece of coal for lighting the hearth of the 'Lang may your lum reek' home for warmth; and a drink, usually whisky as a ‘cup ‘o’ kindness’ as the Robbie Burns song goes, in creating/maintaining community. Indeed First Footing was also often followed by song, dance, and poetry. I remember my own childhood this way.


What might our blessings for 2022 include? What shapes and sounds might our songs, dance and poetry be like? January here in Alba/Scotland is always freezing; the First Footing Ceremony, one might say, is also about coming in from the cold; a renaissance, old into new.

Love Notes To The Holy invites us into a First Footing Ceremony and further offerings with each other and our animate Earth home, an Earth who has a far greater wisdom and Mystery than we can currently imagine inviting us to step in. This immersion invites us into beginning the year through a dive deep returning with new and renewing focus with offerings for 2022 in revealing times. Love Notes To The Holy offers resecrating ways to weave together a path that we cannot create by ourselves alone.

At this time of deep uncertainty and unknowing, many of us are maybe struggling to find a way in a dramatically changed world. Whilst attempts of 'business as usual' are made, many of us know in our hearts 'business as usual' is done. This Immersion brings us together in community at the beginning of the year 2022 as a way of keeping our hearts and the heart of the world open, keeping the ears of our body listening to the voices of ourselves and others; sniffing for our longings and the longings of Earth; offering to The Holy in ourselves and in the world.

"Go to the limits of your longing" Rainer Maria Rilke 

in Book of Hours, Love Poems To God


In addition to a First Footing Ceremony, we will be offering various kinds of love notes together to The Holy Earth as we enter a New Year in a New Moon which begins through the meeting (in Alba/Scotland time), an invitational ‘first footing’ wherever we are across Earth. We will be weaving strands of Love Notes together by way of deepening further our love for ourselves, around an animate, conversational Earth, Earth Community, and Cosmos. Our nature-based living love notes will speak, sing, and move into the beginning of New Moon in New Year stirring further awakenings to soul and the soul’s call in these times of metamorphosis. We might ask who is it we are born to be in these times calling for a way that is likely never-before-seen emerging from the myth we each are and the myths of the world? What might emerge with and from our offerings of love, praise, gratitude, prayer to The Holy?

(...) What if praise and its emanations

Were necessary catalysts to the harmonious

Expansion of the void? Suppose, for the prosperous

Welfare of the universe, there were an element

Of need involved (...) Pattiann Rogers

        Who is this for?

Let’s not get too carried away with excitement just yet. Sometimes, in First Footing, there used to be some contriving going on to ensure the ‘right’ kind of blessings from the ‘right’ kind of person bringing the blessings. Perhaps from Viking invader days, a blonde-haired First Footer was bad luck, as were women (likely especially The Cailleach). A dark-haired man was best. In our first footing in these twenty first century times of The Great Turning’s dark moon, all are welcome and most especially mad tricksters, mavericks, fools, the Cailleach, the expelled, shapeshifters, religious and of no religions, claimed and unclaimed beauties, those who live or are longing to live at the wild edges, those curious and wondering how we might offer and live such a way. No experience is needed, just a willing and longing open heart even if, especially if, this is a first murmuring whisper of a flesh reed opening. Preparations will be offered for a wander and collecting of offerings before we meet so do allow a few hours or so for that too. There will be a mini wander during our time together too.


During our time together:

You will be offering deep nourishment to The Holy

You will be meeting with other humans and 'more-than-humans' in deep Ceremony

You will be given a number of nature-based practices for expressing love for Earth/Community

You will be given a number of nature-based practices for your Pilgrimage to Soul

You will be connecting with a deeper sense/feeling of be-longing in animate Earth Community

Since we'll be in the Mystery, who knows what else may emerge;)










About Wendy

I am a guide to soul and soul initiation, a guide to the inner and outer wilderness; a poet, writer, teacher, photographer, currently identifying Celt though with multi-ancient-cultural cosmic roots and tongues. In 2012, l began developing further deep roots for the work of Animas Valley Institute in Europe. In 2018, l founded ‘Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus’; a way of creating a wave of human song around Earth at Dawn yearly on1 April in celebration, praise and prayer; as a way to Feed the Earth and The Holy; to sing our unique mythic YES participating in the Cosmic Symphony. I published my first book of poetry and images in 2018 "Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth's Wisdom". One of many comments:


I continue to soul guide and mentor many humans around Earth drawing upon the maps and models of Animas Valley Institute through1:1 mentoring, guiding in groups, Councils, and wilderness immersions/Vision Fasts sewing the holes and tears created between worlds in remembering the Holy, the Divine, the fire at the core of the image we are born with.


Contact me if you need further information or would like to speak about the offering.

Join us for Love Notes to The Holy

 Cost £50 - book tickets here Eventbrite

or via paypal

Q. If a few of us are watching from the same zoom link do we need two tickets.

A. No, one ticket is fine per zoom link.

Contact me if you are longing to come but ongoing financial situ prevents you from doing so 

Preparation information will be sent beforehand.

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Just to stir even more wonder into the mix, Bell selkie lovelock will also be with us. She will be weaving in the old ways of Cymru/Wales, namely the ancient tradition of the Mari Llwyd ( ghostly grey mare) that still haunts the streets and fields at the turn of the year and reminds all of the marriage of what is sovereign in us and the land we belong to with her wild otherworldly dance ... Come and stand on the threshold with us as we playfully seek access into the emerging year and deepen into our soulful selves through poetic banter!
Bell brings myth, poetry and a wild connection to the land. I was struck by her strength and motherliness, her ability to embody the sacred fool and bring incredible depths of perception during our councils. She has clearly travelled deeply in the underworld and eminated an understanding of these realms. Her sensitivity, presence and care was so supportive, I felt very grateful to her soulfulness and her fierce love.  M

Cusp of New Moon in Solar Eclipse, December 2021

Who and what will be is as yet unseen ...

At once a prayer, a poem, an illuminated pilgrimage, Whispers gently seduces us back across the nearby hidden threshold into the animate world that has been waiting for us all along. With incantational verse and Mystery images, Wendy Robertson Fyfe offers us something more than a book — visionary food for the human soul; cool, clear, Pan-scented well water for the thirsty heart.

~ Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft and Wild Mind.

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Wendy, Testimonials

Wendy has the rare skill of being able to zoom in on some detail that I may have overlooked, not realising it may hold a vast universe of potential and vital soul messages. She will slow the pace down, invite a pause there with the detail and before I (my ego) knows what's happening I'm being taken on a journey of metaphors and magik, without which my beloved inner realms would be ignorant and deprived of; thus a deepening into my mythos transpires that, apparently, was waiting to be revealed to me. Rebecca

“I’ve been left with a sense of awe and wonder at the power of such seemingly simple guided practice and the impact of them. To be left amazed at the thought of what we have alive within us. What’s here and so willing to emerge if only one has a key to entice and unlock these parts of ourselves to arise (…) What I have encountered along the way has been nothing short of astounding, life affirming and golden.” Rob

 I love how you poetically express yourself from your intimate relationship with the wild. You are clearly a classic crone and I am fortunate to learn from you. Lee



Suppose the molecular changes taking place

In the mind during the act of praise

Resulted in an emanation rising into space.

Suppose that emanation went forth

In the configuration of its occasion:

For instance, the design of rain pocks

On the lake's surface or the blue depths

Of the canyon with its horizontal cedars stunted.


Suppose praise had physical properties

And actually endured? What if the pattern

Of it's disturbances rose beyond the atmosphere,

Becoming a permanent outline implanted in the cosmos–

The sound of the celebratory banjo or horn

Lodging near the third star of Orion's belt;

Or to the east of the Pleiades, an atomic

Disarrangement of the words,

"How particular, the pod-eyed hermit crab

And his prickly orange legs"?


Suppose benevolent praise,

Coming into being by our will,

Had a separate existence, its purple or azure light

Gathering in the upper reaches, affecting

The aura of morning haze over autumn fields,

Or causing a perturbation in the mode of an asteroid.

What if praise and its emanations

Were necessary catalysts to the harmonious

Expansion of the void? Suppose, for the prosperous

Welfare of the universe, there were an element

Of need involved


Pattiann Rogers

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The word Holy (from Old English: hālig meaning "wholeness") denotes the presence of sacredness in an object, being, person, place or idea.New World Encyclopedia

Holiness is the English word for qōdeš, derived from the Hebrew root qdš, common to all Semitic languages and having essentially the same meaning. ... Sanctity of God. 

The adjective holy comes from the Old English word hālig and is related to the German word heilig, meaning “blessed.” There is a relationship between holy and whole, and the religious sense probably developed from keeping believers spiritually whole — and pure.