Erraid Quest on the Pilgrimage to Soul


Where Ancestral Celts Walked


Isle of Erraid, Argyll, Scotland


10 - 21 May 2022



Wendy Robertson Fyfe & Sarah Jeffreys

















                                Song of Amergin

I am the wind on the sea

I am the stormy wave

I am the sound of the ocean

I am the bull with seven horns

I am the hawk on the cliff face

I am the sun’s tear

I am the beautiful flower

I am the boar on the rampage

I am the salmon in the pool

I am the lake on the plain

I am the defiant word

I am the spear charging into battle

I am the god who put fire in your head

Who made the trails through stone mountains

Who knows the age of the moon

Who knows where the setting sun rests

Who took the cattle from the house of the warcrow

Who pleases the warcrow’s cattle

What bull, what god created the mountain skyline

The cutting word, the cold word.


said to be written 500BC


Here is an opportunity to come home to remembering our truest purpose in the descent to soul and soul initiation in this Celtic embodiment of an ancient pan-cultural vision fast ceremony being offered in a Hebridean Isle, Scotland. We will meet after Bealtainn on The Ross of Mull, then travelling by small crossing over to the tidal Isle of Erraid. We will be the only human guests within this small Isle community that we may bring forth the gifts we are born to bring for these times; to dive down and rise rooted for the Earth in the great tangling forgetting and the great remembering holy knotwork hologram. This Vision Fast is for those of you who are ripe and dripping to go down; ready to offer yourselves to Mystery in this enchanted Isle that you may serve these times you are born for.


We will make of ourselves an emptying delicious offering vessel releasing our attachments to whom we previously perceive ourselves to be as defined by the many distorted, broken mirrors that have us contorting into survival shapes within an unhealthy Earth destroying culture. We will wander in the liminal places falling into cracks in grief longing love. We will have with us a basket of practices and invitations honing our Earth body’s sensing, smelling, feeling, touching, listening, tracking and more. We will open to the possibility of a grander, deeper mythic underworld dream in conversation and song with an animate Earth Community where soul encounter and initiation is being called, sung, danced and, should we be blessed, responded with. This is a place in Earth, just South of Sacred Isle of Iona, where Ancient Celts and Druids participated with their wise knowing of life’s entangling reciprocity.


In the liminal spaces between stories we will listen to and participate with the voices, images, sounds and movements with ‘the others’ where we might remember:

                               “Our love was born outside the walls,

                                 in the wind, in the night, in the earth,

                                 and that’s why the clay and the flower,

                                 the mud and the roots, know your name.”

                                 Pablo Neruda


We will open ourselves as much as possible to all the voices by being outside as much as possible, sleeping under canvas during solo time so that the Earth ‘has her way with us’. We will be living by and for sun, moon, stars, tide, wind, insect, heather, stone, animal and ancestral enchantments, and more.


We will be listening for the songs, movements, poetry, images, beings, and dreams who may surprise you. In this enchanted land of curving pebble inlets, storied stone and weathered tree where land and Atlantic meet and greet upon ancient stone and shore, we will have ample time to wander in the outer world, in the deep imagination and dream of Earth.


We will be in deeper conversation (if we are blessed) with seals or, at night, perhaps a soft feather-winged and attentive owl eye might hoot us gazing into moon across salt water. We might again fall in love with hidden crevices and heather rooted cracks, bracken, sheep, and magical wet moss fall water dips; cross a moated rock, experience an Atlantic multitude of wind and rain names, sunshine, rainbow and cloud moving conversations on this tidal Isle. If we are blessed even further we might meet an eagle perched as we round a curving rock, or surprise an otter scampering amongst glistening sealeaf treasures on the shore, or glimpse dolphins curving through water. From higher land we will most certainly see Isle of Iona to the North West, the Paps of Jura to the South. Maybe we will meet the mysterious mysts where veils can lift to revelation.

You might find it’s you being broken wide open to a holy primordial call to remember your particular entwining conversation and place serving Earth in a unique way; a call that is different from current everyday stories of 'normsl' CV, consumption, extraction, domination, victim. Oh, human kin, we are way off course and out of alignment. Here is a call to remember.



The unseen

begins to take form.

Within my hands

She becomes tangible,

an invisible vessel

of breath.


Her breath l trust

as she weaves her way

into and through

the lungs of all life,

including mine.


I now know in my bones,

l am from Her,

that She is with whom l breathe.


I believe in Her.



Wendy Robertson Fyfe


A Vision Quest, or Fast, is a pan-cultural ceremony enabling our identity to shift from an ego or eco-centred identification to one being rooted in a soul-centric mythopoetic identity where ego becomes in service of soul. Soul here is defined by Bill Plotkin as an ecological concept (rather than spiritual or psychological) relating to our unique place, or niche, in the larger Earth Community. A place different than the current human-centric culture. The Vision Fast enables a way of shifting consciousness into a new way called for by Earth herself in these end days of the current culture.


Mystery deems us ready for the descent to soul such as when some of the following questions are living you:


*Are you hearing/feeling a call to/hunger for the depth of Mystery


*Are you wondering what your true purpose is in this “one wild and precious life” (Oliver), or who is the one l am born to live into?’


*Are you feeling a deep grief for our Earth and a longing pain to ask for a vision for our future ones and Earth.


*Are you longing for a deep dive into your soul conversation with an animate Earth Community in intimate holographic reciprocity?


*Have you achieved a certain cultural authenticity and success in a number of ways?


*Have you already explored levels of your own healing so that you are aware of ‘hooks’ that might ‘abduct’ you.


*Are you feeling you ‘have it all…and yet something missing’?


*Is your ‘neat’ life of ‘success’ already beginning to unravel no matter what you do to try stop it, life is being dismembered, in crisis (often mistaken as ‘failure’, ‘depression’, ‘shameful’ and more)?

* Do you feel a 'misfit' in today's world?


* Are you willing to surrender to Earth’s Wisdom, be curious?


If a number of these questions sing you, it may be a clue that you are ripe for this Holy Ceremony in the Descent to Soul.



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Lighthouse keeper's cottages where Robert Louise Stevenson stayed as a child whilst his uncles built Skerryvore lighthouse. Balfour Bay on the Isle inspired his book 'Kidnapped'

A Flicker In The Heart


At first

a flicker becoming spark

becomes a fire

in the heart.


It can take a lifetime and

more to feed a fire to

burn with such ferocity that it

doesn’t matter what you put

on her; the flames

do not expire

though even her bones do.


That’s where the true

treasure of your life lies;

from where your

unique offering to

The Beloved is gifted.


Be sure to feed the flicker of your life

before your bones go out.



Wendy Robertson Fyfe


During our time together we will be drawing upon the work of Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute; see ie ‘The Journey of Soul Initiation; A Field Guide for Visionaries, Evolutionaries, and Revolutionaries’ through offering:


* Preparation: when we cultivate self healing and wholeness, explore the places that need further strengthening, calling home the ones who have been keeping you small that you might stay in the old 'safe' story.


* Severance: cutting a knot/dying from old stories and attachments .


* Soul Encounter: Living in liminal inner and outer wild space where we wander ‘not knowing’ with open curiosity longing for a vision for who we truly are; a vision that is likely way beyond what we can currently imagine and surely cannot 'make up'. There are 4 days fasting (with water) including 3 days solo time on wild land. T


* Metamorphosis: speaking our mythic story allowing our myth to have her/his/their way with us as ego transforms into the ways of, by, and in service of soul. We begin to re-entangle/knot in healthy alignment with our “truth at the centre of the image we were born with” (David Whyte).


* Enactment: living fully our gifts we were born to live into the world in service to Earth Community and Cosmos. We begin the steps to enactment.


We will draw upon the following practices towards opening to shapeshifting, aligning conversations with the ‘more-than-human’ world:


4 Cardinal Directions - Self-Healing and Wholing

Sacred Speech Council


Consciousness-shifting practices


Crossing into the Mysteries between and Nature and Psyche

Crossing Thresholds

inter-species Dialogue


Deep Imagination




Befriending the Dark


3 days solo

4 days fasting – with water

Wandering with the Ancestors

Listening for Earthsongs

Making Holy reciprocity offerings

Sacred Conversations with the ‘more-than-human world’



Erraid Honesty.jpg

The Cost of this unique, small group, wild, never-before-experienced in Erraid Vision Fast is

between £1,400 - £1,800


which includes food often grown on this island, accommodation within the stone lighthouse cottages of the wild Erraid Community. See for further information on this unique venue, also sister of The Findhorn Foundation. Who and what might you be kidnapped by in such enchantments.


You need to bring your own camping equipment for 3 days solo on the land, list given.

One mentoring session pre or post Vision Fast is included.

There will be access to most of the Island during our stay.

Places can be secured by a £300 non-returnable deposit (unless cancelled due to renewed Covid restrictions)

Applications required.


Some scholarships are available. Contact Wendy for further information.


Expressions of interest and applications to be received by 1 April, 2022.


Small group of 8 people. If you would like to inquire further about this opportunity, request an application, have any questions or/and and would like to talk about participating in this Vision Fast, you are welcome to contact Wendy below.



Wendy has been wandering in the lands of Earth’s songs and dreaming lands listening attentively, seeing in sacred withness, responding, participating, and becoming evermore deeply entangled for over 30 years. She has been following what the Celtic Saints, Poets, Musicians, Artists, Seers and Prophets followed in deep holy reciprocity. Wendy has found this work to be deeply experiential, in so many ways not something that we can ‘think’ but rather give ourselves over with. Eventually leaving her life of academia research, practice and teaching in Counselling & Psychotherapy in University after wandering in the mountains of Scotland first meeting Pan in the forests (now deforested) in 1991. She becomes evermore entangled into her unique place in a Celtic Knotwork, or eco niche. Whilst she now brings her work to these particular Celtic lands of Alba/Scotland, her mythos ancestry is also entangled with certain songland canyons of Turtle Island/USA and rainforests of Eastern Australia. In the lands of the deep imagination Wendy participates in re-entangling Earth’s Dreaming ozone within a Cosmic song with a Cailleach’s Eye. She guides from this mythic place providing wild invitations and clear mirrors on the Pilgrimage to Soul. She apprenticed Vision Quest guiding with Bill Plotkin, Geneen Marie Haugen and other guides in the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado.


Wendy is a true Elder. Her deep connection to the natural world and her profound respect for and celebration of all life is the ground from which she draws her wisdom and experience. She has a deep commitment to helping those she guides and mentors to develop their inner knowing and to strengthen their life of soul. She has a wide knowledge of the human psyche and experienced in the path of soul initiation. She is wise, funny, insightful, thoughtful, intuitive - all this and much more she brings into the sessions she offers to individuals and groups. I found her attentive listening, her thoughtful enquiry and her creative invitations challenging, grounding and life-giving. I am inspired by her passionate fealty to the songs of the Earth. I believe that those people privileged to work with her will cherish the experience.”  Jenni (Australia)


See other pages for further testimonials


is a wilderness guide, somatic therapist, and soul mentor who supports transformative experiences connecting with the Earth, to dreams, and the more-than-human world. Sarah considers herself an anam cara, a soul friend along the path, who offers compassionate guidance for people who are longing to live a more meaningful and authentic life that is deeply connected to the wellbeing of the world. Sarah’s sacred life calling is to support people in discovery of their wild brilliance, unique gifts, and the lost art of their soul. Her guiding has been deeply influenced by eco-somatics, dance, expressive art, indigenous healing techniques, animism, poetry, depth psychology, and informed by the work of Animas Valley Institute. When she is not guiding others you’ll find her dancing along the wild mesas and redrock canyons of her beloved home in the desert southwest. Her ancestral roots dig deep in Alba/Scotland. You can see more of Sarah at 

"Working with Sarah has helped me find greater meaning in my life, a clearer sense of purpose in my work, and confidence to open new doors in my artistic pursuits. The 5-day wilderness fasting rite which Sarah prepared me for and led me on the most transformative of all my seeking experiences and helped integrate the learnings from prior spiritual transformational work. (...) I was able to discover a personal roadmap for the richest, best life I can lead from now on. Sarah’s continued guidance has been deeply nourishing as I continue to unravel and explore the discoveries from my time in wilderness. She’s a deep listener, a skilled wilderness guide, and a highly intuitive healer." Julie
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Wendy, Cape, face_edited.jpg
             Sarah                                               Wendy           

In these Covid years Wendy and Sarah are looking forward to and hoping we can meet together in person through camping in the outdoors. Current legal restrictions will be offered as monitored. To protect the health of us all meantime you are encouraged to arrive separately to the programme. If you are flying or arriving by ferry from abroad please note any quarantine on arrival in Scotland. This may change in May. You are asked to be particularly careful about Covid in the few weeks before this Quest. Further information will be sent nearer the time. 

Contact us for application or conversation

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