Earth, Beloved:

A Leaping Proposal in Urgent Times

Isle of Iona, Argyll & Bute, Scotland


Thurs 27 Feb – Sun 1 March

Guide: Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Cost £349.00 excluding food and travel

It is said that the way of the Celts is for the sovereign to marry the land; that communion between sovereign and land is integral to both land and sovereign. Originally marriage was between King and Goddess, sacred masculine serving sacred feminine as the regenerative land herself. It is said that when sacred marriage is not honoured, both sovereign and land perish

How might we honour the ancient marriage in this urgent time when we need to make a leap in our understanding of what it means to be human in an animate Earth and Earth Community with Intelligence and Imagination we may only have glimpsed. How might we remember land as Prophet rather than land as profit on this day when we re-align with Nature's way.

Here is an offering and opportunity to leap in:

to court your sacred communion between inner Sovereign and the land, both within and in the world.  

to be curious about what effect might you have in courting a proposal for 29 February, a rare extra-ordinary ‘extra time' proposal moment on the ancient Celtic land of Isle of Iona, as if the conversation truly matters. 


to ask, what if Earth is courting us for such a proposal?

to see what happens when we approach the land as lover

who may also awaken life in the world as the old Celtic

tales told. 


to wonder if both lover and land are longing for

be-longing with one another.

to be vulnerable and risk what might this love proposal ask of us.   Sheela-na-gig on the wall

                                                                                           of the Nunnery, Iona



It is said that we are so deeply

intertwined with Earth and cosmos

that it's not possible not to be married,

for example: 

~ our breathing animate air of Ancestors 

~ our walking as two-legged ones on land 

~ the one atom of iron in our hearts

~ the phosphorus in every cell... 

...made in the creation of the Universe and Earth.

                             National Museum of Scotland


It’s this invisible life-giving and life-destroying, breath in and breath out courting proposal that we will be inviting to step into consciously. It is said by the Ancients that it is the human's way to participate in such conversation whereby the invisible becomes visible and by making manifest in reciprocity such as with the Ancient Celtic Sacred Marriage we are also acknowledging our place in our Ancestral pilgrimage.


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In this offering we will:

be courting wild Atlantic Iona where the veil between worlds is thin; courting ancient gneiss rock, turquoise waters if the sun is revealing himself or gigantic waves if storms show up as the seasons turn in early Imbolc, or maybe late white snow on white sands, or maybe feeling the first stroke of sun’s warmth on our flesh this year, or...


be courting and honouring a dying or surrendering of a particular way of being as we fall in love, risking ourselves not knowing yet of a response, or know who we will become in a beginning of a new way in the unknown and into The Mystery as we move towards proposing. We will be honouring this dying on the island where Ancient Scottish Kings are buried.

be courting and honouring our Ancestors.

be listening for Iona’s EarthLovesongs; may even find surprising notes and words emerging from our cosmic Earth roots up into our bellies, through reed throats and open lips as we surrender ourselves to such a deep falling in love.

be offering time to celebration and feasting.



You will be invited to:

experience ways and practices of crossing between Nature and Psyche through wanderings on the land, dreams, poetry, art, conversation, deep imagination and more.

experience a remembering, or deepening of remembering, of our greater human conversation with each other and Earth Community: birds, waves, sounds, otters, rocks, clouds, rain, air and more.

experience ways that these ones are in specific conversation with each of us, longing for us to bring our unique soul/eco-niche, the place we were born to indwell and live where everything is experienced as it is, intimately entwined in one and at the same time unique, all in an alluring dance of longings, offerings and enchantments. 


Who is this programme for?


for humans who are already deeply in love with Earth, who have been wandering on this animate land for a while and longing to make such a deep commitment.

for humans who are longing to fall in love with the miracle of being human, who have forgotten the sacred marriage with this animate Earth and to experience Earth's longing; who are willing to offer themselves to their longing at this time.

for humans who are passionate, open and curious; who are agents actively engaged/interested in cultural transformation at this crisis point.


About Wendy


Wendy is passionate about this unique time we are participating in, what Joanna Macy calls 'The Great Turning'.

 She is following her unique path since a surprising encounter in the Arrochar Alps, Scotland in early 1990 which changed her direction and focus asking for her return to Scotland. 

Since then Wendy has been devoted to creating ways of inviting people into remembering conversations with an animate, intelligent and en-souled Earth and Earth Community; to trust the ways we are shaped by and live from such experiences on the Journey to Soul. 

Wendy, cape in wind, sea.jpg



A Few Testimonials from Previous Programmes on the magical Isle of Iona

"The guidance was at many times subtle so I did not feel like I was ‘under instruction’. Which is a very good thing for me. At other times instructions were very direct and even challenging but in the best ways. I completely trusted Wendy's wisdom and intuition and as said I felt like she ‘held’ my learning very lightly, yet solidly. Wendy's insight and reading of dreams (not of the meaning but of how to explore them) was inspiring....And the guidance here could be both playful and deadly serious but always felt appropriate."  Stella


"The program was wonderful (...)

The guiding was fantastic (...)

Venue was great (...)

(...)The program has been continuing to unfold in me since it ended."


"Thank you for helping me spin the thread of my soul story time and again."

"for your earthy wisdom and gnomic humour".


Iona Hostel is an award winning Eco-hostel

            Iona proposal pebble rings

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Wendy is a Renaissance Woman and lover of all things Earth and Holy: a nature-based soul and wilderness guide, poet, published writer, teacher, speaker, photographer, and International programme producer, psychosynthesis psychotherapist (prev Perinatal Service) and cultural historian (prev University of Birmingham & Open University in Scotland).

She created ‘The Walk’ in East Lothian 2001 which was filmed by BBC Scotland. Wendy founded ‘Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus’ 1 April, 2018: to create a human wave of song around Earth as a way to participate in/awaken humanity's endeavour.

She published a book of poetry and photography entitled "Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth Wisdom" as part of an exhibition at Dunbar Town House and Art Gallery in 2018.

More recently she has been/is offering interviews and workshops with On-Line Events who are creating a library of Continuing Professional Development subject for human development pratcitioners: .

Wendy is currently involved in co-creating 'The Centre: Rewilding and Soulcentric Development' in Scotland.

She is completing an extensive Apprenticeship with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado as a qualified Soul Initiation Guide.



Wendy currently lives in Dunbar, Scotland. 

Contact below to book a place or for further information. A non-returnable £150 deposit secures your place. 

Please do not book travel until programme is confirmed. Early booking advised.

Group food/cooking tba nearer time of programme

Portrait photography by Ali Cleary

All other photography by Wendy Robertson Fyfe

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