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Cailleach’s Eye – A YearLong Intensive (2021)


A magnificent dangerous invitation to dive into a Yearlong initiatory immersion into the world of The Cailleach as we approach Samhain and emerge, Mystery willing, through Beltane. This deep chalice provides a supportive group experience to dive together through an Earth, Sun and Moon Seasonal Cycle as we realign, likely ‘knocked in’, to who we truly are and who we are born to be in these current Winter days of the current dominant extraction culture…… when the Cailleach arrives.


This highly experiential Immersion knocks in the shape of the poem ‘Cailleach’s Eye’. It may be that as you read the poem you will resonate with, recognize and hear yourself being called by Cailleach at this time. If so, and you want to deepen your conversation, or feel a longing to be in deeper conversation, please make contact with me to apply for and participate within a small intimate group experience.


This immersion will take place wherever you are with access to a wild place and Zoom in Scottish/Alba time zone. Should you be outside this time zone and want to participate, you might consider living the possibility of experiencing a different time zone where you are for the days of meeting


The dates for the Programme are as follows 3 Seasons: Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane.


Samhain Dates: 

Experience, Breakdown, Realign (Self Healing/Wholing)


4 Days Friday 29 October - Monday 1 November 

1 Day – Saturday, 28 Nov

1 Day – Monday, Tues 21 December – Winter Solstice

2 Days Sunday/Monday -  Imbolc, Jan 30/31

Includes: On-Line Council

On-line Private Group Space for continuing co-conspiring in Animas Valley Commons

One Mentoring Session of 1.5 hours is included, additional can be booked separately


Imbolc Dates:

Re-align , Wed, Kiss

1 Day - Saturday 26 Feb

1 Day - Saturday 26 March

1 Day - Saturday 30 April – Beltane

Ongoing On-line Council

On-line Private Group Space for continuing co-conspiring in Animas Valley Commons

One Mentoring Session of 1.5 hours is included, additional can be booked separately


Beltane Dates: Early Beltane

Die to the old ways, Birth

This season will include a Vigil Fast in the West Coast of Alba/Scotland. Details and costs to be confirmed in these uncertain days. I am hoping that we can meet together in the flesh at this point in the outdoors.


The pan-cultural Vision-Vigil-Fast is a Sacred Ceremony; a way of creating a Holy container for surrendering and emptying ourselves in physio-psycho-spiritual ways that opens us to our deepest griefs and longings. The Ceremony is enacted away from the busy human clock world and in the wilderness where voices of ‘the others’ can be heard more clearly; where our more ‘dayworld’ boundaries can loosen to deeper experiences remembering who we truly are within an animate Earth. Where, in this Immersion we will have prepared through Winter and early Spring to fully surrender to, hear and experience The Cailleach for our time. 


Cultivating Facets of Wholeness and Self Healing preparing for

The descent and dissolution in the Pilgrimage to Soul.

Crossing into the Mysteries between Psyche and Nature

Experiencing the liminal space of the Underworld, with the language of images, metaphors, symbols, archetypes, imagination, dream; with Ways of:

Soulcentric Dreamwork

Deep Imagination

Wanders on the Land

Conversation across species boundaries/animate world

Soul Tasks from Dream/DI/Land in deepening convo between

Self-Designed Ceremony

Embodiment/Body Movement

Ancestral Lineage – human and ‘more-than-human’

Soul Poetry

Soul Song/Earthsong

Befriending the Dark

Shadow and Core/Sacred Wound


The Return… an eagerly waiting community



This Immersion is for those of you who:


* are longing to dive deeply with a small group of humans as part of an animate and intelligent Earth Community to be reminded by the ‘more-than-human’ community of our true names, the one we were born to live in service of enhancing Earth and Cosmic life.


* are psychospiritually resourced enough and ready to say ‘YES’ to the threshold of such a pilgrimage including whatever may be experienced as part of that YES.


*  willing to be present with discomfort and uncertainty especially when loosening our attachment to current life stories that we might glimpse something of the mysterious unique soul image story we were born to embody in this lifetime as a gift to others.


*  willing to be shaped by Mystery towards kissing an old story into possible unimagined beauty.


*  can hear the Call of Cailleach; who can feel, even if inkling at this point, seen by Her, feel Her presence and want to invite more conversation with Her.


*  are feeling deeply the grief, loneliness and sense of loss that we often believe is personal failing but is, in fact a failing of the culture with the feeling of emptiness an earth-killing culture depends upon “where a beautiful and strange 'otherness' should have been encountered.” (Paul Shepherd)


*  want to participate in and with an intelligent, animate, Mysterious, miraculous Cosmos as the Mysterious, intelligent, animate, miraculous human beings that we are; be willing to move towards and step in to ‘never-before-seen. Visionary Artisans of Cultural Regeneration; be willing to open to and experience revelation.


*  willing to explore the fierce love of the Dark Feminine rising in ourselves and in the land. To take time; live in the liminal deeper layer of life, to nourish life and be nourished in the deep imaginal Dream of Earth where anything can happen within holographic reciprocity.


*  willing to be in conscious remembering the present living healing/wisdom/wound body bridge of and with Ancestors/Future Ones; human and more-than-human.


* are longing for and longing to be part of a different kind of leadership.


* whose teeth are already falling/fallen (or fear of); whose bodies are drying wrinkly and long white hairs now growing even where our culture says they shouldn’t (perhaps, woman, from your womanly creasing neck) in ‘dayworld’ or in your mythos; when another kind of creativity and way of living is perhaps being called forth to feed the Earth.


This immersion is not for those seeking to be qualified in a current economic paradigm of qualifications within an Earth killing culture. It may offer you a way of qualifying yourself, to speak your own authority into a new conversation from your unique eco-niche, your Earthcall sovereignty and seeing of what it means to be human at this time being willingly reshaped by Cailleach’s winds and hammer. It is not for those seeking safety, comfort and the domestic other than coming home to oneself, one’s soul.



About Wendy:


Wendy has been on a Pilgrimage with soul for many years feeling her way from a traveller selling encyclopedia’s door-to-door to an academic life teaching cultural history, social science/policy and welfare, to Counselling and Psychotherapy with new mothers and fathers as well as teaching in Higher Education; towards letting go of these identifications and wandering on the land remembering other conversations with an enchanted Earth. After exquisite experiences in the early 1990’s Wendy returned to Scotland from England.


She began working with people on and with the land in 2001 deepening into Soul Initiation and guiding, apprenticing with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute from 2012. Wendy is devoted to nature-based soulcentric living as a way of remembering our eco-niche in a soul-infused cosmos; remembering the miracle life-giving nature of what it means to be human. Wendy has devoted many years conversational surrendering to and with Mystery; into deepening relationship with her own Mythopoetic Identity that she can serve this current human transition effectively. She offers her deep wisdom, intimate being with Earth, and ability to guide from the depths with impish humour to those stepping into or further along the Pilgrimage to Soul. She is also a soul mentor and supervisor, poet, writer, speaker, teacher, and photographer...perhaps a walking poetic encyclopedia, and more;)


Wendy founded the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus yearly event in 2018 as an invitation for humans around the Earth to sing in praise, gratitude and prayer with the wild ones.


Her first book of poetry and images ‘Whispers; Remembering Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth’s Wisdom’ was published in 2018. Her writing on Earthsongwave is published in  ‘Unpsychology’ 2019. Her academic writing is published in ‘Off-Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies’ 1991.


Wendy works in partnership with Animas Valley Institute over many years producing programmes in Scotland/Alba enabling a consolidation of Soulcraft and training/trainers in Europe.


BA (Hons), MA, Cultural Studies, Dip Psychosynthesis Counselling, Wild Mind Professional Development, Soul Initiation Guide Apprenticeship



“In this weekend intensive, Wendy is offering something rare and unprecedented: Her heartful attention and her clear, muse-led guidance. She dedicates herself to the process as if you were on an in-person program together and the depth of the magic that unfolded is a testament to both her deep wisdom and skill in guiding and also her intuitive sensitivity for tuning into the collective field that is so important to feel at this critical time. If you have the opportunity to engage with Wendy in this way, don't miss it.” KD


“(…) Working with Wendy has changed my life in so many ways. I am manifesting now, due to her courageous and intuitive guiding, a life that is filled with more meaning, passion, beauty and simple, but powerful spirituality. Wendy could see in me, things that I could never see on my own and now the hidden treasures of my Souls are the compass that gives me the true direction. (…)” BR


“ (…) Wendy uses her gifts and capacities to work for Mystery by empowering me to step further and further on my own unique path. She has a great capacity to hold space for me to unravel my new and old discoveries of my Soul odyssey. 

Her guiding allures me into my biggest story. We talk the language of symbol, we touch the realm of dreamwork and deep imagery, this allows me to be in conversations with elements of my unconscious self. (…) SH 


“…She weaves deep poetic insight into her work and encouraged me to step through the veils and plunge into imaginative conversations with rocks, trees, rivers, and all that I encountered – affirming each time the essential truth that the natural world offers wisdom in abundance…” ST


“Mentorship is like a doorway to internal treasures that might otherwise remain undiscovered. It provides a pathway in which slow revelation can lead directly to a storehouse of jewels. I am constantly surprised at the information and knowing that is revealed through my sessions. (…)” RR 



Total cost for first two seasons £999 (for emerg-n-see times;)

11 days programmes, Ongoing Council, 2 mentoring sessions, Private Group Space in Animas Valley Commons throughout with guiding.


Discussion for payment by instalments and possible scholarships welcome where commitment to the full programme is agreed.


Precise place and cost for the near Beltane Vigil/Vision Fast Gathering in Alba/West Coast Scotland to be confirmed nearer the time due to Corona Sovereignty.


YES, Count me in for a Pilgrimage to Soul

Contact Wendy below:



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