A Wild Life Immersion 2021

Where Ancient Celts Walked











Lerags Glen, Nr Oban, Argyll

Guide: Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Thurs 8 July – Monday 12 July



A beauty opportunity has emerged in West Coast Scotland/Alba.


Time to deepen into the enchanting ways

that live a breath under the busyness and noise

of the ‘everyday’; to peel away layers of knotted

self contortion created as necessary protection in

order to survive a currently harsh individualistic

dominator culture; to remember and be

re-entangled in crafted Celtic knotwork ways into

animate, mythic conversations; to meet our

soul longing and the longing of Earth; to remember

who we truly are and born to be.


In this enchanted land of curving pebble inlets, storied stone and weathered tree where land and Firth of Lorne/An Linne Latharnach meet and greet we will have ample time to wander in the deep imagination and dream of Earth in this place. We will offer time to be in deeper conversation with soft feather-winged and attentive owl eye, alert nose-sniffing red fox, fur antler growing highland deer, heather, bracken, and magical wet moss fall water dips. We will be with an Atlantic multitude of wind and rain names, sunshine, rainbow and cloud moving conversations. If we are blessed even further we might meet an eagle perched as we round a curving rock, or surprise an otter scampering amongst glistening sealeaves on the shore, glimpse dolphins curving through water. From higher land we will most certainly see across the Firth to the Isles of Mull and Kerrara, and to Ben Cruachan, seat of the Cailleach, to the East. Maybe we will meet the mysterious mysts where veils can lift to revelation in these days of the dark New Moon when the stars are singing ever brighter. Who knows, maybe the Aurora Borealis will join in..


During this immersion you will be invited to experience:

a remembering of sacred speech and ceremony 

cross thresholds into belonging in a deeper stream of your life

be invited into deeper conversations with each other and this miracle animate world 

experience dreamtime and songline resonances 

fall in love (or deeper in love) with yourself, each other and the world 

become a wild activist in your entangling relationships with an animate everything else. Come alive in your place in Earth.


As Howard Thurman said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”




The Cost of this wild immersion is £549.00 includes camping, organic locally sourced (where possible) breakfast and dinner (bring your own lunch), and depth nature-based soulcentric guiding in service to Mystery.


This is a small group with potential for scholarships available. If you would like to inquire further about this opportunity, have any questions or/and would like to speak, you are welcome to contact SWendy below.





“With her support, perceptive listening and skilful guidance, the ordinary became transformed. Wendy encouraged to deepen my quality of engagement on my daily walks and I was surprised and delighted with the gems which emerged.  Her presence supported me to bring them back in pocketfuls. She weaves deep poetic insight into her work and encouraged me to step through the veils and plunge into imaginative conversations with rocks, trees, rivers, and all that I encountered – affirming each time the essential truth that the natural world offers wisdom in abundance. Wendy is a wonderful companion supporting and encouraging encounters with realms which transcend the everyday bringing forth gifts which have immeasurably enriched my life through this time.”
Sara (Scotland)



"a doorway to internal treasures that might otherwise remain undiscovered. It provides a pathway in which slow revelation can lead directly to a storehouse of jewels. I am constantly surprised at the information and knowing that is revealed through my sessions and the material continues to stay with me for days afterwards coalescing in the background of my 'normal' life. The sessions provide personalised invitations for connecting with the more than human world and I'm finding them invaluable as I continue to journey into the dark and beyond."
Rebecca (Australia)


"The combination of dream work and ritual guidance has deepened my understanding of soul and helped me identify more easily when I am not living from a more whole self.  Wendy does not allow you pull the wool over your own eyes and gives guidance and advice on how to see when comfortable habits have actually become binds."

Stella (Scotland)


"Wendy has been fundamental in guiding me with 'the right questions, at the right time in the right way"

David (Australia)



"Soul and psyche drink in this sacred attending to dreams, images, stories: there are not many spaces where such attending can be found and I am thankful to have found such trustworthy accompaniment."

Lindsay (Ireland)


Wendy has been in deep conversation with an animate world for over 30 years and inviting people into the land with her for over 20 years. She followed soul threads through academic cultural history, teaching in higher education in social sciences, trained in psychosynthesis psychotherapy working with new mothers and fathers for many years and teaching again in Higher Education in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Meantime she was wandering evermore deeply on the land in conversation through dream, story, poetry, art, imagination, myth, and embodiment listening deeply with the voices and songs of the 'more-than-human' world.


Wendy began inviting humans into a specific conversation in 1991 offering what is now called ‘The Walk’ filmed by BBC Scotland. She began an apprenticeship with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute in 2014 in nature-based soul-initiation guiding. Wendy is gifted with being in intimate animate conversation with Earth Community; with tracking, seeing into the myth and mystery of things, feeling and voicing the hidden longing to be unearthed or revealed at this vital time. She asks questions that lead to portals rather than answers. She offers a clear mirror different from the distortions we are likely to have met previously at times. Wendy brings the Cailleach, reshaper of current lands and eldering.