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In the meantime, here is information on current offerings.Scroll down to the end to subscribe. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions enquiries, and bookings. Thank you:

My work has been developing over 30 years shifting from academic Cultural Studies to exploring/wandering through the veils between inner and outer animate lands of deep imagination, dream, poetry and writing; from Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, academic teaching in Counselling and Psychotherapy, wild photography, to being led by wild lands to nature-based wilderness work apprenticing at the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado funded by Bill Plotkin. A number of threads haveemerged between the outer cultural context, inner worlds/wilderness and outer wilderness over this time weaving a particular basket of offerings:​


  • a thread of forever deepening intimate conversations with animate life of which humans are only one aspect, increasingly challenged away from human-centrism into participation inwith Earth and Cosmic Community, and soul-centric ways in which life is guided by soul. Soul here is defined as ecological rather than spiritual or psychological. Guiding in the ways of Eco Awakening and inviting experiences that mirror something of our unique truth beyond culture as well as sacred meetings in relational reciprocity. Remembering our place in the Celtic knotwork of life and death.


  • a thread of rewilding life, including cultivating arrested human development from the domestication and colonisation (including experiences of patriarchy, race and more from the Great Forgetting), of an extraction culture including extraction from humans as a way of profiting from for a few rather than prophet visioning. Guiding processes of Self Healing and living in wholeness towards developing human maturity. As part of this, l understand trauma in a wider ecological context of the 'more-than-human' world.


  • a thread of Soul Initiation Guide on the Pilgrimage of Soul, including 'Descent to Soul' with Vision Fast. A Beloved journey in conversation with the 'more-than-human' world to find/be found by our mythopoetic identity, 'the truth at the centre of the image we were born with' to serve our times in the way we were born from, for, and in service to Earth.


  • cultivated threads of writing, poetry, and image; from the visionary and sonary; of deep holographic reciprocity in intimacy with a plethora of experiences informing and being informed by my guiding other humans over many years.


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Current Offerings

A brand new offering is available for July this year

see next page for information

A Wild Life 2021 ~ Where Ancient Celts Walked

Lerags Glen, Argyll

1. Weaving Nature-Based Soul Initiation Guiding, Eco Psychology, Mentoring, Supervision, Training,  Consultancy 
With senior apprenticing in Soul Initiation Guiding with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute including 'Wild Mind' (tm Bill Plotkin) Guide, l offer depth working with/being worked from a Nature-based Soulcentric Human Development model. I have over 25 years experience including teaching, writing, poetry, researching, speaking, Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, guiding programmes, and publishing
 in places such as The Open University in Scotland, Counselling Organisations,
and Privately. 
I offer short and long term work
in person whether in a room or on the land/zoom/telephone
I'm currently working on-line using Zoom through this liminal time
“Mentoring with Wendy has been rich, provocative, enlivening and a safe container for the emergencies that arise as I go deeper.   There are invitations to live into and out of soul that are both practical and poetic, informed by how-it-has-been and how-it-is, and what may be trying to be born.    Soul and psyche drink in this sacred attending to dreams, images, stories: there are not many spaces where such attending can be found and I am thankful to have found such trustworthy accompaniment.” Lindsay (Ireland)
"In this weekend intensive, Wendy is offering something rare and unprecedented: Her heartful attention and her clear, muse-led guidance. She dedicates herself to the process as if you were on an in-person program together and the depth of the magic that unfolded is a testament to both her deep wisdom and skill in guiding and also her intuitive sensitivity for tuning into the collective field that is so important to feel at this critical time. If you have the opportunity to engage with Wendy in this way, don't miss it.” Kristopher (USA)
"Wendy and I have been engaged in Soul Mentoring for 18 months - I recently commented to a friend of mine that each session I have with Wendy is like a 'full on workshop' - hugely valuable and enlightening. Wendy has been fundamental in guiding me with 'the right questions, at the right time in the right way'; they become like portals that enable a continuous, deepening and wonderful journey. I thoroughly recommend her." David (Australia)
2. Forthcoming
Cailleach's Eye: Winter Solstice Immersion 2020
See- 'Blether' page for further information
Friday 18 - Tuesday 22 December
3. Nature-Based Soul Dreaming 
Recorded Interview with John Wilson from On-Line Events 
This Interview along with other interviews:

Can our profession surrender to its own transformation

in the current shift of human consciousness

A recording of a live one hour Conversation with John Wilson from 'On-Line Events'. Available in the global library of Continuing Professional Development Resources for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Supervisors and Coaches. The conversation asks us to consider the place of the professions in the current global crisis. 'Business as usual' to deepening into transformation within ourselves as practitioners as well as the profession. Is it a coincidence that a death denying culture is seeing the possibility of its own extinction? How are we imagining the profession in 200 years, or even 50 years from now?  Is the profession itself part of the problem? 

 The Nature-Based, Soulcentric Development Wheel 
Recorded interview about Bill Plotkin's 'Nature and the Human Soul; Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World'
The recording is not a training, it is an opportunity to begin to hear about and explore this visionary model for our urgent time. Reading 'Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World' by Bill Plotkin PhD is recommended beforehand, but not essential. This recording is offered with kind permission of Bill Plotkin. see
Ancestral Lineage - A Nature-Based Exploration
for more information go to: ONLINEVENTS CPD LIBRARY 
On-Line programmes with these titles are also available
contct me for further information
4.  "Wild Humankind; Remembering The Mythic Wonderland
A talk offered on 20 June as part of midsummer 'Into The Wild' Festival theme of 'Wonderland'. I speak of the work of Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute relating some of my own pilgrimage to soul and soul initiation as a Celt...which ls not what l would have said in the dayworld where the pilgrimage begins in the talk.
What if, in remembering, more humans plunge down into the underworld of myth and wonder, what jewels, what nourishment might we bring back to the dayworld creating an ancient/new healthy, generative life-enhancing culture for our future people. I'm thinking of the interweaving conscious marriage of human and 'more-than-human' world symbolised in Celtic knotwork and standing stones. The talk with q & a is 1.5 hours.
5. The Walk; A Day Journey of Soul and Ceremony
with the Land, East Lothian, Scotland 
next date: Bealtaine, Friday 30 April, East Lothian, Scotland
It is possible to participate in all four Celtic seasons of The Walk and tend the threads through each of the seasons. It is a great opportunity to deepen further into or to experience a first taste taking walking to a different experience of our animate and participatory world. The Walk invites us not only as a way of reconnecting with a wild and mythic world remembering our place in the wonder of life, it also reminds us of a way of reciprocity where our lives truly matter and contribute to a sacred web of being. The Walk is difficult to describe, it needs to be experienced.
The day is like a pilgrimage of remembering with time to wander alone with invitations offered and time to gather (socially distanced) to share and deepen experiences. The journey deepens with each invitation. The day has inspired poetry, art, stories, weavings and more.
Walking at the cutting edge, l created The Walk in 2001. I've been guiding many people on 'The Walk' since then, 20 years ago with now a breadth and depth of experience. The Walk was filmed by BBC Scotland in 2006 (the called Medicine Walk). It is a day experiential 'Journey of Soul', a deep process in conversation with this animate Earth and ourselves as expression. 'The Walk' process has been deepened further by 7 years apprenticing with Bill Plotkin and The Animas Valley Institute.  The Walk can also be a first step into knowing whether working with other people on the land is something you might be interested in. There is a Continuing Professional Development Certificate for the day for those in the field of human development. There is a zoom call for preparation the evening before The Walk. A few comments from many:
“It’s been a journey, and an awakening in many senses of the words, I feel at a very different place than when we set off all those years ago – or was it just this morning??…..lots of memories and thoughts and layers of inspiration.” Anna (Linlithgow) 

“I think l have just started on a journey, thanks to today…” Dawn

“A valuable walk/journey which l am so glad we had you, Wendy, to guide us. I never thought l would get so much from it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.” Richard


6. The Centre; Wild and Soulcentric

Currently co-creating 'The Centre' in West Coast Scotland to develop nature-based soul work as part of the shift of human consciousness within an

Animate Earth Community


7. Soulcraft Europe

Having been deeply involved over 6 years in producing and developing International programmes in Scotland for the Animas Valley Institute, Colorado, 'Soulcraft Europe' now exists; a specific way of rooting Soulcraft in Europe; see facebook page, which will act as a specific place for all things Animas including growing programming in and around Europe. 


8. Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth's Wisdom 

This book emerged as part of my photography and poetry exhibition in Dunbar Town House Museum and Art Gallery in July, 2018. 

"A wee and very dear book - the offering of a nature mystic and Earth lover" ~ Geneen Marie Haugen

"At once a prayer, a poem, an illuminated pilgrimage, Whispers gently seduces us back across the nearby hidden threshold into the animate world that has been waiting for us all along. With incantational verse and Mystery images, Wendy Robertson Fyfe offers us something more than a book — visionary food for the human soul; cool, clear, Pan-scented well water for the thirsty heart."~ Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft and Wild Mind.

the book @ £9.99+pp



9. Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 
creating a wave of human song around Earth at Dawn

 I founded this event in April 2018. This event now takes place on 1 April every year. 

It is a 'Feed the Earth' gifting event.

2018 saw this event spread over 26 countries around Earth with over 1,000 visits to the website and over 2,700 visitors to the facebook page in the month leading up to Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2020  

the event has now reached over 50 countries worldwide

Website:; facebook page and group

10. Published, July 2019:
Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus: Revelation, Manifestation, Invitation
'in Unpsychology Magazine', Earth Songs; sweet soul elegies and  dancing the blues
download free:


11. April 2020 - There is now a global monthly for 1 year
Women's Earthsongwave New Moon Council
Women holding Council around the world listening, tracking, singing Earthsongs
participating in the weaving of the song Creatrix. 
Contact Wendy for Further Information - completed
12. A Basket of Crafts for Deepening with Soul

part 1 of series: Living into Wholeness, Stepping in to Soul

"Feeling my longing...
I meet Earth's longing too"

~ An Introduction to Practices, Maps, and Models of Nature-Based Soulcentric Human Development for an emerging, life-enhancing planetary future. Ways of listening deeply and being in conversation with an Earth Community in a time of profound transformation. Includes Dreamwork, Deep Imagination, Imagery, Council, Sacred Speech, Poetry, Self-Designed Ceremony and more

~ 4 Weekly Sessions 6.30 - 8.30 each with invitational practices; an experiential day on the land and a one hour individual mentoring session for next steps. 

~ For Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Health and Human Development Professionals, Coaches,Trainees, Artists, Teachers, Social Workers, Environmentalists, Earth lovers & more.~ All for £250. Small Group - Limited places.

CPD Available. 

part 2: Living into Wholeness, Stepping into Soul: Resourcing for the Journey

This experiential day workshop offers an introduction to nature-based resourcing available to human beings as Earth beings. It will deepen awareness of our relations with Earth Community within an animate, soul-infused world where every thing - river flowing, sap filling, light returning, bees buzzing, land and tree greening is coursing, fecundity rising as Earth's North turns to face the sun.

In this workshop you can expect to:

~Learn about the Four Facets of Wholeness in relations with the Four Directions. The work draws centrally upon the Bill Plotkin’s ‘Wild Mind, a Field Guide to the Human Psyche'. The Four Facets enables strengthening of ego development specifically within a 'Western' nature-based model and from which we can bring home our fragments, such as, our wounded, protective, escapist, and shadow parts. I will be offering another workshop day on the Fragments, though the Resourcing workshop would need to be experienced first. You don't need to have read Wild Mind to participate, though you might find the day even more deepening if you do.

~Be offered practices and invitations to cultivate and deepen our experiences of resourcing and offering our own human nature with the nature of Earth from which we emerged/are emerging Celtic Knot-worked.

~Increase approaches and ways we engage with people professionally.

~ Empowering people towards a deeper sense of self, place, purpose and focus in perilous times.

A CPD Certificate is included for practitioners.

Cost: £120/£100 A £50 non-returnable deposit is required with final payment before the day. Please bring a packed lunch and flask for water/hot drink, journal, dress for warm indoor and outdoor weather. Contact Wendy for further information and booking.

Both Parts 1 and 2 are available as course or workshop

13. Deepening Wild Conversations
Glen Feshie, Cairngorms National Park
 -contact Wendy for future programmes

Nuzzling-in with tall-standing pine and enchanting silver birch, with bushy-tailed red squirrel, stag preparing for rutting, hooting owl and eagle soaring above, with wide-pebbled river rushing and gurgling near moist mossy purple heather and fertile fungal banks, we will deepen into wild conversations with ourselves, each other and these sacred beings of Glen Feshie in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.
Are you longing to experience, or re-experience, the vitality in the undercurrent of your life and in this magical Earth? Do you want to explore the kinds of conversations that may open you to live more fully as one within an Earth Community? Do you wonder about who you might be within such a community? If so, this offering is for you.
With gatherings, invitations and wanderings on the land together we will cross thresholds into remembering and meeting the depths of our true inheritance. What if this animate Earth is longing,

maybe even dying,

for us to do just that...


14. Dreaming into Being - A Day Encounter with Soulcentric Dreamwork
What if attending our inner climate within the conversation of wider Earth Community also makes the change?


Next date

East Lothian, Friday 30 April, Beltane

This introductory day into nature-based Soulcentric Dreamwork will approach dream as a doorway to Soul informing personal/cultural transformation. Dream is an area of inner wildness in an otherwise domesticated, de-sacralized culture. At this time of global unraveling, dream can help guide us on next steps in this shift of human consciousness. The land of dream through images, symbols, metaphors, archetypes and body feeling can lead us to imagine and experience what is possible from the wild psyche of earth and human soul; sources beyond our fragmented egoic humancentric self and modern western industrial growth society; a place where as yet unknown treasures and resources can emerge organically from the depths within. This culture does not give importance to dreamwork. What if being with dreams now is one of the most radical things we can do personally, culturally and for our unraveling world.

Wendy has been/is attending to dreams, her own and with other’s for many years in psychotherapy practice and guiding a dreamwork group at the Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh earlier this Century. Following dreams Wendy is now trained by the Animas Valley Institute in working with Nature-based Soulcentric Dreamwork as a soul guide and mentor. This way is not about interpretation or analysis; rather, it is letting the dream do its fiercely loving and transformative work on us. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is for you who are willing to enter unknown depths in this dark time, who are interested in human development, visionaries, artists, poets, healers, musicians, curious, and cultural change agents.

The day will include indoor meeting and outdoor walking by the sea as we converse with our dreams on the land and into a bigger conversation with the Earth Community so please come prepared for both.


Cost for the day is £75. For further information and booking contact Wendy

a CPD Certificate is available for professional folk



Scroll down for messaging and further information in the emergence.....
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Wendy is passionate about this unique time in which we are participating, what Joanna Macy calls 'The Great Turning'. Wendy has followed her unique pilgrimage within the arc of humanity since a surprising encounter in the Arrochar Alps, Scotland in 1990 which changed her direction and focus asking for her return to Scotland. She experienced a Soul Encounter in the Scottish Highlands in 1995 asking her to join in the Cosmic song. Wendy has since been devoted to creating ways of inviting people into remembering conversations with an animate, intelligent and en-souled/en-songed Earth and Earth Community; to trust the ways we are shaped by and shape life from such unique experiences on the Pilgrimage of Soul Initiation. Wendy is a Renaissance Woman and lover of all things Earth and Holy: a nature-based soul and wilderness guide/mentor, poet, published writer, teacher, speaker, photographer, and deeply involved in bringing Animas to Europe through International programme production over 6 years; previously psychosynthesis psychotherapist and cultural historian (University of Birmingham and Open University in Scotland). She created ‘The Walk’ in East Lothian 2001 which was filmed by BBC Scotland. Wendy founded ‘Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus’ 1 April, 2018 to create a human wave of song around Earth as a way to participate in/awaken/remember humanity's  participatory song as part of Earth and Cosmic Community/Symphony. She held a monthly International Women’s Dark New Moon Earthsongwave Council for a year following a prompting from Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is 2020. Wendy has published a book of poetry and photography entitled "Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth Wisdom" as part of an exhibition at Dunbar Town House and Art Gallery in 2018. More recently she has been offering interviews and workshops with On-Line Events who are creating a library for Continuing Professional Development see . Wendy is currently involved with others' in creating 'The Centre: Wild and Soulcentric' in Scotland and is a senior apprentice with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado as a Soul Initiation Guide. She is qualified in Wild Mind work. Wendy currently lives in Dunbar, Scotland.

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